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Financial Navigation with Aimee Hoch | Episode 031

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is Aimee Hoch, MSW of Grand View Health located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania! Aimee is an Oncology Financial Navigator who has been serving in social work for over 14 years. As a non-survivor, she is working each day with patients as they attempt to determine their most affordable and feasible treatment options. Naturally, this conversation veered into a discussion about practical self-care methods anyone can utilize, as stress can be a great deterrent in achieving goals! 

Aimee serves patients early in their diagnoses, which is a fantastic benefit because many decisions have to be made quickly, and having a level-headed, experienced individual in the mix can ease many anxieties involved. If you are listening, please pass on the message that resources are available to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, and cancer patients alike!  

If you are also looking to step up your self-care game, Aimee was recently interviewed in U Magazine discussing her methods. Between being a mother, Entrepreneur, and full-time Navigator, Aimee works diligently to help others. You can read more on her experience here. You can reach Aimee through FacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn

We are now on YouTube! Aimee dazzles as an on-screen guest, and her smile lights up the room! Thanks, Joe for your hard work with the video production. If you would like to support the podcast, please rate, comment and share!


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