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Mighty + Bright with Sara Olsher | Episode 055

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Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode features the lovely Sara Olsher of Mighty + Bright! 

Kelsey’s five-year “Cancerversary” is approaching on November 11th, and with her recent BCI results, she has been exploring additional options because she has been advised to continue Tamoxifen for another five years. Kelsey suffers from ovarian cysts, fatigue, nausea and has been bleeding for over four weeks. Stay tuned as she continues to work on bettering her health!

Speaking of tough times, Sara Olsher is no stranger to them. Sara’s bravery in telling her story is astounding, as she has gone through so, so much these past few years. The losses and curveballs have changed her tremendously. As family and friends suffered from breast cancer, she was also diagnosed with this dreadful disease. Surprisingly, she has tested negative for mutations.

In life, we have the option to let situations defeat us, or we can alchemize them into something purposeful. While she had already helped families understand divorce with charts and books based on her own experiences, she would also be able to draw inspiration from her diagnosis and has expanded her business to also help children understand cancer. 

Studies show that children respond better to the truth, and Sara is on a mission to break down stigmas associated with adversity. She does it with beauty, style, and grace! Sara is truly an inspiration, and we hope this interview helps you if you are having a rough patch.
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Kelsey’s Interview on The Intersection of Cancer and Life | Episode 049

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Universe, what's good?! For tonight's episode, I'll be airing my appearance on episode 24 of The Intersection of Cancer and Life, which was a roundtable episode with Emily Garnett, Kelsey Bucci, Tina Conrad, Leanna House, Mimi Hall, Lindsay DeLong, and myself!


For the Season 2 finale, we wanted to switch the conversation up a little bit, so I’m welcoming six other breast cancer podcasters onto the show for a round table conversation. It’s not often that you get a group together like this, a half-dozen total strangers, bonded only by our need to talk about our illness in this way, but I can’t even fully capture what an amazing group this is. We had so much fun, and I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording.

The show will be taking a brief break over the summer, and be back in a couple of months with a deep dive into breast cancer. We’ll be talking to researchers, doctors, advocates, and unpacking the challenges of all aspects of life with breast cancer in anticipation of October’s breast cancer awareness month. I’ve been so honored to continue to share these conversations with you, and am so excited to keep going. Have a wonderful summer!


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Kelsey’s Interview on Fill Your Cup First with Aimee & Kim | Episode 048

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Universe, what's good?! For tonight's episode, I'll be airing my appearance on episode 5 of the Fill Your Cup First podcast with Aimee Hoch and Kimberly Rabago.

Aimee and Kim welcome guest Kelsey Smith of The CanSurvivor Network.  Kelsey shares her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age.  She  discusses how she took that difficult time in her life to fuel her dream and create a supportive, safe network dedicated to breast cancer and the many issues women face from the impact of this disease.  Kelsey has a special offer for our listeners - she has made her ebook available to the Fill Your Cup First Podcast Community. Thank you Kelsey! 

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Episode 022 | Perfect

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Universe, what's good?! Venus is in retrograde, and I've made it back from New York City. Hear all about the trip in this episode, as well as word from our new sponsor, Pink-Perfect! Listen for a very special offer.

Ladies and gents, you have options with reconstructive surgery! Please share this episode with anyone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, as new technology is available with less scarring AND pain. 

Through the month of October, Novartis will be donating $15 per Instagram post using the hashtag #KissThis4MBC. Each donation will fund METAvivor as well as Metastatic Breast Cancer Network

In this episode, catch a BIG announcement about the podcast! It's time to expand. Tune in for more details.

If you are in need of self-care, this episode is for you, especially if the side effects from treatment are lingering. Tamoxifen can impact muscular health. Tune in as I take you through my personal management regimen.

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