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Kelsey’s Interview with TAGYST | Episode 047

Posted on August 19th, 2019

Universe, what's good?! For this episode, we are airing Kelsey's appearance on episode 26 of The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together with Jena Gribble & Lindsay Danielson. This episode aired in February of 2019.

In this episode you hear the story of Kelsey Smith, a vivacious, loving, brave and beautiful woman, who at age 29 was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Kelsey shares the milestones from the moment she felt a lump, learning her diagnosis, losing both her breasts and hair, to her ongoing treatment and recovery. She also shares many notable struggles of the unexpected such as; working through bouts of survivors guilt, comparison, expectations of surviving, flexing support groups and expectations of bouncing back to "normal" life. Since 2018, Kelsey has been paying it forward by creating a space for other breast cancer patients and survivors to share their stories. 
Each week, Kelsey discusses the impact of breast cancer on The CanSurvivor Network by Kelsey Smith through one story and one guest at a time. With her candid and vivacious personality, Kelsey believes that the exposure of this disease will open the doors to advancement within the breast cancer community while helping individuals persevere through the many challenges they face.

You can find TAGYST over at, and subscribe to their podcast on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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