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Kelsey’s Interview on Fill Your Cup First with Aimee & Kim | Episode 048

Posted on September 14th, 2019

Universe, what's good?! For tonight's episode, I'll be airing my appearance on episode 5 of the Fill Your Cup First podcast with Aimee Hoch and Kimberly Rabago.

Aimee and Kim welcome guest Kelsey Smith of The CanSurvivor Network.  Kelsey shares her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age.  She  discusses how she took that difficult time in her life to fuel her dream and create a supportive, safe network dedicated to breast cancer and the many issues women face from the impact of this disease.  Kelsey has a special offer for our listeners - she has made her ebook available to the Fill Your Cup First Podcast Community. Thank you Kelsey! 

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