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Microblading with Lauren Alexis | Episode 035

Posted on February 27th, 2019

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s guest is licensed cosmetologist Lauren Alexis of LaureniLash. As a member of my “glam squad,” she recently micro-bladed my eyebrows. You can check out the results on YouTube!

Lauren discusses her journey toward becoming a cosmetologist, which began in high school. Lauren has a passion for art, which translates well in brow design. Tune in as we discuss common questions surrounding microblading, tips for finding a good artist in your area, and aftercare.

We will be having a giveaway for Toledo-area cancer survivors. Special shoutout to Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes for the inspiration!

If you would like to contact Lauren, you can do so on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

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