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Talking Candida with Kendra Kirklin | Episode 056

Posted on December 3rd, 2019

Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode features the beautiful Kendra Kirklin, a fan of the podcast and Candida awareness advocate. Kendra is the first guest selected by our new co-host, Kendra McCleary! While Kendra has not been impacted by breast cancer directly, she is involved with modeling for METAvivor.

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In this interview, Kendra discusses her difficulties with uncovering her diagnosis. Her medical team was stumped as she continued to make lifestyle adjustments in hopes the symptoms would disappear. Kendra discovered that plastic seemed to exasperate her symptoms as well as certain foods.   

When Kendra isn't advocating for candida awareness, she's playing percussion in Where She Rules, a dark folk band. Kendra is also well-known for her art. You can find her on Facebook
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